Unhappy at work? Here are some simple tips to improve happiness in the workplace:

- Keep a plant in your office

- Improve Your Desk Space. Statistics show that employee happiness levels rise when those employees are allowed to decorate their cubicles and bring in personal items for their desks. So bring a little cheer to your work space

- Wear a mood boosting outfit; feel confident in the way you look

- Look for opportunities for growth instead of focusing on failures

- Develop a social network with your coworkers

- Add variety to your work day; go to lunch, meet a friend during your break, do routine tasks in a different order or talk to someone new

- Don’t be afraid to ask for help

- Demonstrate behaviors that increase kindness

- Help someone else solve a problem

- Take on additional responsibility

- Move on quickly from coworkers who make mistakes or office arguments

- Appreciate the fact that you have a job

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